/ɛdʒ / (say ej)

1. the border or part adjacent to a line of division; a brim or margin: the horizon's edge.
2. a brink or verge: the edge of a precipice.
3. one of the narrow surfaces of a thin, flat object: a book with gilt edges.
4. the line in which two surfaces of a solid object meet: the edge of a box.
5. the thin, sharp side of the blade of a cutting instrument or weapon.
6. the sharpness proper to a blade: *A knife with a keen edge is less tiring to use –mail, 1989.
7. sharpness or keenness of language, argument, appetite, desire, etc.
8. Skiing a steel edge fitted to skis to make control easier on ice or hard snow.
9. Cricket a stroke off the edge of the bat, usually unintentional; a snick.
verb (edged, edging)
verb (t)
10. to put an edge on; sharpen.
11. to machine to a straight line or a desired curve.
12. to provide with an edge or border; border.
13. to move edgeways; move or force gradually: to edge one's way through a crowd; to edge a rival off the track.
14. Skiing to force the edges of (the skis) into the slope to prevent side slipping.
15. Cricket to play (the ball) from the edge of the bat, usually unintentionally; snick.
verb (i)
16. to move (along, down, up, etc.) edgeways; advance gradually.
17. edge out, to force (an opponent) out of a race, competition, etc.
18. have the edge, Colloquial (sometimes followed by on or over) to have the advantage. {Phrase Origin: US (1890s), possibly a colloquial use in poker}
19. on edge,
a. acutely uncomfortable or sensitive: *If you've got a gun in your pocket you're on edge all the time –frank hardy, 1950.
b. eager or impatient.
20. on the edge of one's seat (or chair), tense with excitement, anticipation, etc.
21. over the edge, into a state of imbalance or disorder, especially nervous disorder: to go over the edge as a result of anxiety; to push the immune system over the edge.
{Middle English egge, Old English ecg the sharpened side of a blade; of Germanic origin}
edged, adjective
edgeless, adjective
edger, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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